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Hardware Repair

The most popular hardware repair that has come up is due to the computer not turning on anymore which a new power supply is most likely the solution. However, hardware issues could vary and depend on many other components that need to be checked before one could be 100% certain. If a repair is needed the labor charge could vary from $20-75 never going past $100 like most places charge. A free estimate will be given before anything is done to the machine.

Labor cost $20-$75

Most common hardware repairs



  1. Faulty power supply

  2. Memory upgrade

  3. DVD/CD Drive not reading

  4. CPU fan

  5. Bad Hard Drive

  6. Faulty touch pad

  7. Faulty video card

  8. USB Ports not working

  9. Power cord issues

  10. Mother board cables

  11. CMOS Battery

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