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IT Business Consulting

As you start up your business you might need to setup a secure network to ensure all of your data is protected and you have the latest security protocols installed on your system. You might also need to know what kind of computers would be best to purchase to fit the needs that you want to accomplish. As well as printers, scanners, fax machines, copiers and other hardware devices. While you figure all of this out you might want to just have us consult and take care of your IT solutions by setting up a one-time, monthly, or annual contract to support your business. Once we discuss the nature of your request we could come up with a fair pricing plan to fit your budget.

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  • Observing and providing recommendations to better market your business.

  • Analyze your current network for any loopholes or security vulnerabilities.

  • PC Support for multiple machines.

  • Setup and inventory for your area so that recommendations could later be made for retirement of old equipment.

  • Software development

  • Newsletter Design

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