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The palette of services we offer go far beyond the list displayed on our homepage.  If you have any type of technical issue no matter how big or small we most likely we have a solution for you. 

Starting up a business but need a website to get clients.  We specialize in online marketing and design to ensure we could get you the most clients for your business

If your computer starts crashing and a bunch of pop-ups start to appear most likely you have a virus. We specialize in removing viruses from all operating systems

Noticing your computer running slower than it used to? Starting up taking longer than usual? Web pages taking forever to fully load. You need a tune-up to speed up your computer

Is your computer not turning on? Issue with your drive not reading your CD/DVD's? Like how fast it is but would like it to run faster with a memory upgrade? Battery dying out?

Have a small business and need a secure network setup or need to know what computers or printers you need to purchase? General IT customer support contract?

Need to backup, transfer, remove, or recover data from a hard drive?  We have the technical tools needed for these types of procedures

Cracked iPhone, Samsung, tablet, laptop screens?  Or noticed lines and other issues with the pixels on the screen. We can replace them and fix this issue

Want to master Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop, Security Safeguards, Working smarter not harder through email? Trainings done individually and in groups

Have an old collection VHS tapes from your childhood and would like them converted to DVDs you came to the right spot. Also convert 8MM, MiniDV, Audio Tape Cassettes

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