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Virus Removal

If your computer starts crashing and a bunch of pop-ups start to appear most likely you have a virus. We specialize in removing viruses from all operating systems. Many cases clients don't even know they have a virus because they could be in hidden files or be a masquerading itself as a program that is meant to help your computer but instead infects it. Most locations will charge you by the hour or by the amount of viruses you have we charge you a flat rate of $60 when you drop it off.  If we can’t fix it, we don’t charge you.

Only $60

Most Popular  Viruses Found


  1. CCleaner

  2. Stopzilla

  3. Windo Shopper

  4. LessTabs

  5. StartNow

  6. Yontoo

  7. PC Health Kit

  8. Optimizer Pro v3.0

  9. MultiClock 1.0

  10. PlayBryte

  11. SpyBot

  12. Sqlite

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