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Computer Tune-up

Noticing your computer running slower than it used to? Starting up is taking longer than usual? Are web pages taking forever to fully load? Most likely you need a tune-up to speed up your computer. Most locations will charge you by the hour or even charge you a for just looking at it.  We only charge a flat-rate of $60 when you drop it off.  Also, if we notice that there is a virus we will only charge an additional $15 to remove it ... saving you tons!

Only $60

What does a tune-up entail?


  • Start-up files re-configurations (speed up startup)

  • Defragmentation of all drives

  • Conducting a memory test

  • Scanning for viruses (if any found only $15 extra)

  • Screen and Keyboard Cleaning

  • Opening up PC/Laptop dust removal

  • Customize Virtual Memory (Max Performance)

  • Remove un-needed temporary files and cache

  • Eliminate cookies and third party components

  • Setup web browser to remove cookies on close

Connie ​​Holzwarth​

"Danny gave my laptop a tune up in just ONE day! Now it's running SUPER fast and not freezing! Thanks Danny" Laptop Tune-up


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